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What is Electronic Vet?

eVet is an online equine medical record system designed for horse owners, trainers, veterinarians, barn managers, associations and competition management.

A horse owner can access their horse’s health documents 24/7 and can instantly produce eVet health certificates for horse show entry, transport, etc. Data is stored safely and securely in the cloud, and is HIPAA compliant.

The eVet Solution

When you sign up for an eVet account, you gain access to several important and convenient features with your eVet Certificate.

Your horse health documents stored in one place - Store relevant equine documents in your horse’s eVet profile such as vaccination records, Coggins, brand certificates, microchip numbers, vet records, etc. This paperless and simplified platform eliminates the need for binders and copies and improves communication between Owners, Trainer, Veterinarians and Barn Managers.

Secure - Your eVet account will be linked to your veterinarian. Only licensed veterinarians can enter vaccine information. Our online database contains the full history of all vaccines given to your horse from the date the first vaccines are entered.

Easy to manage - General horse information can be entered by the owner or trainer. This information includes: photo identification, registration numbers (USEF, FEI, Passport etc), microchip numbers, and unique marking description. eVet accounts can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Easy horse show entry - The eVet Certificate can be printed out and brought with the horse to the show, emailed to the show office in a PDF form, accessed directly by the show office staff via our secure show management platform or provided instantly when you enter online at participating shows. Once your horse is registered, vaccine updates are captured from the veterinarian after they enter them onto invoices.

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